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Pay or Pay-It-Forward With  Your Phone

You can help another woman, single mother, or teen in their mental health wellness journey with CO's PAY IT FORWARD option. 

Use the Payment Portal to make a donation to cover another woman/girl's counseling session. You can pay for all or part of a session.

Tip Option: You can also enter a tip amount which will go directly to the scholarship fund.
Your gift is fully tax-deductible.

We are so glad you chose ChoiceOne to trust with your heart.  Please know that it is our desire to walk the journey of life with you in hope. You can make your payment for the services provided by clicking on the button above.  If you have applied for a sliding fee discount, please see below for instructions. 
Sliding Fee Scale Clients: Please make sure that you have your determination of discount letter and have been given a coupon code before making any payments. Sessions held prior to the determination of the discount will be charged at the full price rate. Payments can be made online and must be made in advance of each session.
PrePaying Options: Our prepaying options can help you plan and ensure there is no disruption in counseling services. To prepay, please increase the number of sessions in your cart. Applicable discounts will be applied to all prepaid sessions.

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