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                       Counseling Services


ChoiceOne's expanded counseling program is designed to help women cope, heal, and move forward knowing they were created for love and to thrive.  


We believe in the unique bond and responsibility women have with and for each other. Therefore, we created a way for women to help women navigate the struggles of life.  Our desire is to encourage and train women how to breathe in truth and exhale the lies of perfectionism and feelings of inadequacy that kill real joy and peace.

Our team of counselors have been carefully selected and have gone through a rigorous selection process. Some of the criteria we used to select our team included, dedication to women's issues, complimentary areas of expertise, and their commitment to a holistic therapeutic approach that incorporates a woman's mind, body, and soul.  

          counselors are committed to women and feel that financial limitations should not inhibit a woman's ability to find wholeness and peace.  That is why each counselor has agreed to a flexible fee structure in hopes to encourage all woman to seek mental health resources.

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Why Christian Counselors

Our team of counselors are not only educated well with years of experience, they also act under a mandate to love unconditionally, to serve with a full heart, and to give sacrificially.  Each one understands what it means to fail, each one knows how awful it feels to feel unworthy, and each one has felt regret.  But as a Christian, each one has overcome and now feels empowered, valuable, and filled with hope because God loves them and has the power to restore. Truly, Christian counselors have no malice or condemnation.  Their hearts beat to share truth and hope.  


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