Alice is a wife and mom of young school-aged kids that understands multi-tasking and the busyness of life can be overwhelming! Her desire is to help women process and work on self care without guilt through clear action steps and goal-oriented counseling. 

Jodi believes that finding the right person that makes you feel safe enough to confide in is a critical component to combat life's ups and downs.
Jodi is a great choice if you are looking for "that person."

Eleanor is a compassionate champion of women and an advocate for restorative couples counseling.
Eleanor is a great choice if you are seeking a counselor that can offer tools to navigate life with a focus on
“living the life you were destined to live."

Paz Shroyer graduated from Cairn University with a Masters in Counseling in 2016. She has a heart for women who are struggling with difficult family and home life due to different life circumstances and desires to meet them where they are. 

Michelle worked in the mental health field for over 10 years as a crisis therapist and an outpatient counselor. She provides Christian Counseling to clients looking to incorporate their Christian faith into the therapy process.  

Sarabeth is a third year graduate Counseling student at Cairn University

and will be graduating with her

MS in Counseling in May 2021.  Her mission is to see all women know and live out their true value and worth in Jesus Christ.    


Lisa is passionate about working with teens and young adults and has great empathy especially for those that are struggling due to broken families. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Social Work at Cairn University and will be graduating in 2021.